Sensory-Motor Concepts in Language and Cognition

Ströbel, Liane and Filip, Hana and Indefrey, Peter and Kallmeyer, Laura and Löbner, Sebastian and Schurz, Gerhard and Van Valin, Jr., Robert D. and Van Elk, Michiel and Gibbs, Raymond W. and Cuccio, Valentina and List, Johann-Mattis and Terhalle, Anselm and Schulzek, Daniel and Müller, Wolfgang G. and Steen, Gerard and Naumann, Ralf and Lestrade, Sander and Bellavia, Andrea and Brunel, Lionel and Brouillet, Denis and Versace, Rémy and Butz, Martin V. and Zöllner, Daniel and Tillas, Alex and Hauk, Olaf (2016) Sensory-Motor Concepts in Language and Cognition. Proceedings in Language and Cognition, 1 . düsseldorf university press, Düsseldorf. ISBN 978-3-943460-94-0

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