Jahrbuch der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf 2007/2008

Labisch, Alfons and Piper, H. Michael and Paulsen, Anne-José and Hofer, Matthias and Böddicker, Natalie and Hammer, Hildegard and Hildesheim, Doris and Meinschäfer, Victoria and Schneider, Jutta and Nürnberg, Bernd and Bauer, Inge and Halverscheid, Leonie and Pannen, Benedikt and Borkhardt, Arndt and Rump, Lars Christian and Vonend, Oliver and Schipper, Jörg and Antal, Attila Stephan and Kukova, Gabriela and Homey, Bernhard and Wölwer, Wolfgang and Gaebel, Wolfgang and Roth, Stephan Ludwig and Budach, Wilfried and Winterer, Georg and Rüther, Ulrich and Möhle, Martin and Klüners, Jürgen and Lercher, Martin and Kassack, Matthias U. and Hamacher, Alexandra and Eckstein, Niels and Baier, Margarete and Horn, Sebastian S. and Smith, Rebekah E. and Bayen, Ute J. and Alemann, Ulrich von and Baurmann, Michael and Bühler, Axel and Tepe, Peter and Van Valin, Jr., Robert D. and Krumeich, Gerd and Schad-Seifert, Annette and Reuband, Karl-Heinz and Förster, Guido and Hamel, Winfried and Neyer, Ulrike and Looschelders, Dirk and Preuss, Nicola and Drüen, Klaus-Dieter and Kersting, Christian and Busche, Jan and Traude, Anette and Boeck-Heuwinkel, Johanna and Reiter, Johannes and Birnbacher, Dieter and Kalthoff, Othmar and Börner, Christoph J. and Thieme, H. Jörg and Krutmann, Jean and Boege, Fritz and Westhoff, Peter and Kahl, Regine and Dumpitak, Christian and Schmitt, Lutz and Willbold, Dieter and Schubert, Daniel and Zilles, Karl and Jaeger, Karl-Erich and Kircher, Manfred and Jose, Joachim and Maas, Ruth M. and Festel, Gunter and Biel, Sönke and Siebert, Irmgard and Dregger-Cappel, Elisabeth and Olbrich, Stephan and Vollmer, Judith and Plassmann, Max and Miller-Kipp, Gisela and Schmitt-Föller, Rudolf and Pallme König, Ulf and Wester, Svenja and Wiener, Jürgen and Willhardt, Rolf (2008) Jahrbuch der Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf 2007/2008. düsseldorf university press, Düsseldorf. ISBN 978-3-940671-10-3

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Item Type: Book
Subjects: Law > Civil Law
Law > Criminal Law
News about Research and Teaching at the HHUD > 2007
News about Research and Teaching at the HHUD > 2008
Medicine > General Medicine
Medicine > Anatomy
Medicine > Industrial and Community Medicine
Medicine > Biological Chemistry and Molecular Biology
Medicine > Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology
Medicine > History of Medicine
Medicine > Haemostaseology, Haemotherapy and Transfusion Medicine
Medicine > Cardiovascular Physiology
Medicine > Human Genetics and Anthropology
Medicine > Molecular Cardiology
Medicine > Medical Microbiology and Hospital Hygiene
Medicine > Molecular Medicine
Medicine > Neuro- und Sensory Physiology
Medicine > Clinical Neuroscience and Medical Psychology
Medicine > Neuropathology
Medicine > Pathology
Medicine > Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacology
Medicine > Forensic Medicine
Medicine > Medical Sociology
Medicine > Stem Cell Research and Regenerative Medicine
Medicine > Medical Statistics
Medicine > Toxicology
Medicine > Transplantation Diagnostics and Cell Therapeutics
Medicine > Environmental Medicine
Medicine > Virology
Natural Sciences > Biology
Natural Sciences > Chemistry
Natural Sciences > Informatics
Natural Sciences > Mathematics
Natural Sciences > Pharmacy
Natural Sciences > Physics
Natural Sciences > Psychology
Oeconomy > Auditing and Controlling
Oeconomy > Financial Services
Oeconomy > Finance and Investment
Oeconomy > Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Finance
Oeconomy > Accounting and Reporting
Oeconomy > Business Taxation
Humanities > English and American Studies
Humanities > German Studies
Humanities > History
Humanities > Jewish Studies
Humanities > History of Art
Humanities > Linguistic and Information
Humanities > Media and Cultural Science
Humanities > Modern Japan
Humanities > Philosophie
Humanities > Classical Philology
Humanities > Romance Philology
Humanities > Social Sciences
Law > Public Law
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